Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book


1 Match the words from the reading with their meaning.

The word

The meaning

a. location

2. a particular place

b. archaeologist

3. a person who studies old cities

c. monument

1. an important building

d. discover

5. to see and get to know an unknown place

e. wonder

4. something that is great and amazing



The past simple (affirmative and negative)

To be

2 Underline the correct form of the verbs.

  1. Babylon was/were an ancient city in Iraq.
  2. The hanging Gardens of Babylon was/were a world wonder.
  3. They was/were on the Euphrates River.
  4. The gardens was/were full of beautiful tree and plants.
  5. The building was/were in the shape of a rectangle.


The Past Simple (affirmative)

regular verbs

3 Write the regular verbs in brackets in the Past Simple.

My grandfather was an archaeologist. He (1) liked (like) to travel a lot. He often (2) studied (study) ancient cities. He (3) explored (explore) different places in order to learn about their history. My father sometimes (4) helped (help) him. Together they (5) discovered (discover) new lands and cities.


The Past Simple (negative and interrogative)

to be

4 complete the questions then answer them.

  1. Was Petra one of the ancient wonders of the world?

No, it wasn’t.

  1. … the hanging Gardens of Babylon in Jordan?

No, they weren’t.

  1. … the Great Pyramid of Giza a tomb for kings?

Yes, it was.

  1. … Pharaohs the kings of England?

No, they weren’t.

  1. … many of the ancient wonders of the world destroyed?

Yes, they were.


5 Listen to these verbs and write them in correct column. Then repeat them.
















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