Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book


1 Match the words from the reading with their meaning.

The word

The meaning

a. famous

3. known by a lot of people.

b. intelligent

4. clever; smart.

c. elementary

5. easy and not complicated.

d. pleasant

2. polite and easily loved.

e. absent-minded

1. mind is unfocused.



The Past Simple

Irregular verbs

2 Put the verbs in the table below in the Past Simple tense.

Base form

Past Simple

a. sit


b. stand


c. think


d. become


e. know



The Comparative

3 Complete the text with the correct form of the comparative.

Hercule Poirot is (1) more professional than Miss Marple. He is also (2) richer than her and travels the world. Miss Marple’s (3) wiser than Poirot. She’s (4) more famous than him. We don’t really know if she’s (5) older than Poirot, but we do know she is (6) more pleasant.


The Superlative

4 complete the text with the correct form of the superlative.

Dr Watson is the (1) most loyal person to Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is the (2) most famous detective in the world. He is the (3) most intelligent and the (4) most logical detective Watson knows. He’s not the (5) most pleasant person, put Dr Watson doesn’t mind and thinks that Holmes is the (6) wisest detective in the history.  

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