Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book


1 Match the words from the reading with their meaning.

The word

The meaning

a. holiday

4. a period of time to rest or travel.

b. to sunbathe

1. to sit in the sun to get tanned.

c. sandcastle

5. a model of a castle made of sand.

d. to swim

2. to move through water using arms and legs.

e. to shine

3. to produce light.



The Present Continuous

(affirmative and interrogative)

2 Choose the correct verbs from the verbs in the box to complete the following dialogue.

is sunbathing   is doing   is cycling   is playing   is having   is having  

Amal: I heard the phone. Did Hassan phone you? How is he?

Omar: He's fine! He (1) is having an adventure holiday in New Zealand. He (2) is cycling up and down the mountains and he (3) is sunbathing by the sea.

Amal: That sounds interesting! What (4) is doing everyone else?

Omar: Khaled (5) is playing hide and seek with the boys. Hassan's father broke his Ieg when they arrived. I don't think he (6) is having much fun.


The Present Continuous (negative)

3 Write five sentences about what Hassan and his family are not doing during their holidays.

  1. Hassan / do scuba diving.

 Hassan's isn’t doing scuba diving.

  1. Sami / ride a bike.

Sami isn’t riding a bike.

  1. Hassan / playing chess.

Hassan isn’t play chess.

  1. Hassan's father isn’t doing rock fishing.

Hassan's father / do rock fishing.

  1. Khaled / rock climbing.

Khaled isn’t rock climbing.


The Present Continuous (all forms)

4 Write questions about Omar, Hassan and his family and then match them with their correct answers.

  1. What / Hassan do?

What Hassan is doing?

He is cycling up a mountain.

  1. Hassan / play football?

Is Hassan playing football?

No, he isn’t.

  1. Why / Omar / not play football?

Why isn’t Omar playing football?

Because it’s raining.

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