Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book


The Present Continuous (spelling)

1 Write the verbs in the correct column.

do   rest   have   cut   enjoy   sunbathe   watch   cycle   stay   rain   shop   lie   travel

The Present Continuous (affirmative, interrogative and negative)

2 Complete the letter with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.


We (1) are having a great time in Madaba. Right now I (2) am sunbathe, while my brother Faisal (3) is swimming. He (4) is looking at the calm water and the mountains behind the horizon of the Dead Sea. Mum and my sister (5) are also having a great time! When they (6) aren’t lying in the sun, they (7) are shoping.




3 Use these words to ask questions about Hisham and his family in his letter on page 57. Then answer them using short forms.

  1. Hisham / have a good time?

Is Hisham having a good time?

Yes, he is.

  1. Hisham and his family / on holiday / in Sharm El Sheikh?

Are Hisham and his family on holiday in Sharm El Sheikh?

No they aren’t.

  1. Hisham / swim?

Is Hisham swimming?

No, he isn’t.

  1. Faisal / sunbathe?

Is Faisal sunbathing?

No, he isn’t.

  1. Hisham' s mum and his sister/ shopping?

Are Hisham’s mum and sister shopping?

Yes, they are.

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