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Exercises of Activity Book

I now know ..

Use these words to write questions. Then answer them.

  1. by / Petra / When / ? / rediscovered / archaeologists / was

When was Petra rediscovered by archaeologists? In the 1800s.

  1. build / Why / Egyptians / the / Pyramids / ? / did / the

Why did the Egyptians build the Pyramids? to bury their kings.

  1. Gardens / Hanging / the / Babylon / of/ ? / were / Where

Where were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? in Iraq.

  1. The / of / wonders / world / ancient / many / How / were / ? / the

How many were the wonders of the ancient world? Seven.

  1. Petra / ? / What / people / build / to / did / use

What did people use to build Petra? stones from the land.


Complete this text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1) was born in Scotland, in 1859. He (2) studied to be a doctor at Edinburgh University. He (3) set up a small practice in Southsea. He (4) didn’t have many patients, which (5) gave him the opportunity to write his Sherlock Holmes novels. Sherlock Holmes (6) didn’t become popular until Strand magazine (7) published The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes' character and personality (8) caught the reader's imagination. Holmes and his enemy, Professor Moriarty, (9) died in The Final Problem, but the public outcry (10) made Conan Doyle bring him back to life nine years later in The Hound of the Baskervilles.


Complete this text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Dear Fawwaz,

I (1) am having a wonderful time with my family here in Disneyland. I’m having (2) am not doing / ‘m not doing any work and I (3) am not thinking / ‘m not thinking about my GCSE results. Right now, I (4) am sitting / ‘m sitting by the pool and I (5) am eating / ‘m eating an ice cream. My brother Tareq (6) is playing / ‘s playing golf, and my dad (7) is fishig / ‘s fishing. Mum (8) is taking / ‘s taking a photo of me and my sister, so we (9) are smiling / ‘re smiling.What (10) are you doing?


Complete this text with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives.

Sherlock Holmes' (1) worst enemy was Professor James Moriarty. As Holmes' (2) greatest enemy, Moriarty was the (3) most intelligent criminal in Europe. Some people think he was (4) more intelligent than Holmes. Moriarty tried to kill Holmes several times, but Holmes always escaped, so we can't say he was (5) wasn’t more intelligent than Moriarty. In The Final Problem, Holmes said that Moriarty had the (6) a best education in England and that he was the (7) most papular mathematician in Europe. So, Moriarty had the (8) most brilliant career before him. He was a lecturer at a university that was (9) smaller than Oxford, but very important. However. he was a born criminal, and his intelligence made his criminal mind (10) more dangerous.


Read these sentences carefully. Then complete them with the correct words from a. b or c.  

  1. Ancient Egyptians ..... their kings and queens in the Pyramids.

a) buryed

b) burried

c) buried

  1. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon a wonder of the ancient world.

a) was

b) were

c) wasn't

  1. ….. you vote online for Petra?

a) Did

b) Were

c) Was

  1. Did you like the book?

“Yes. I ….. .“

a) liked

b) did like

c) did

  1. Holmes is the detective in history.

a) famous

b) most famous

c) more famous

  1. During his travels, lbn Battuta ….. many important people.

a) meet

b) met

c) meeting

  1. ….. at the Jordanian resort today?

a) Are you staying

b) Do you stay

c) You are staying

  1. Tareq ….. for his exams.

a) not studying

b) studying

c) isn't studying

  1. Where did Miss Marple …..?

a) live

b) lived

c) lives

  1. Ibn Battuta ….. very interesting travel notes.

a) writes

b) wrote

c) writing

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