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Before you start

Look at the pictures.

Are storms in your country dangerous? Why are droughts so frequent nowadays? What do you know about global warming?

Suggested answers

Droughts are so frequent because of global warming; the Earth's temperature goes up every year; the Earth's atmosphere warms up.

Global warming means that the Earth's atmosphere warms up.


1   Listen to the specialist talking about global warming and write down notes.


Global warming means that the atmosphere warms up. This changes the climate of the Earth. When the atmosphere warms up, the weather becomes more violent. This makes storms very strong. Periods of drought become long in some places. In other places, it rains so much that there are floods. The ice in the North and South poles melts and sea levels rise.

The future of our planet is in danger.


2   Listen to the words below in context. Try to guess their meanings.

Global warming, temperature, Earth atmosphere, climate, drought, storm, flood, carbon dioxide, violent, to rain, to slow down/to accelerate, to warm up/to heat up, to freeze/to melt




Global warming

الاحتباس الحراري


درجة الحرارة

Earth atmosphere

الغلاف الجوي للأرض









carbon dioxide

ثاني أكسيد الكربون



to rain


to slow down/to accelerate

يبطىء / يسرّع

to warm up/to heat up

يدفىء / يسخّن

to freeze/to melt

يجمّد / يصهر


  1. Global warming means that the atmosphere warms up.
  2. The temperature goes up every year.
  3. Our planet Earth is in danger.
  4. Global warming changes our climate.
  5. Droughts are dry periods when it doesn't rain.
  6. When it rains a lot, there are floods.
  7. There is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  8. When the weather is violent, storms become very strong.
  9. Pollution accelerates global warming. We have to slow it down.
  10. The sun heats up the air and warms up the Earth.
  11. The ice in the Poles melts because of global warming.
  12. We need carbon dioxide in order not to freeze.


4   In a group, discuss the consequences of global warming. Make a list of climate changes in Jordan or in the region (changes in the seasons, temperatures, rain and floods, wind, droughts, etc.)

Answers may include:

higher temperatures

season shift (the change affecting a season's beginning and duration)

pIants and animals dying out


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