The Imperative (affirmative and negative)

1 Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the words from the box.

Walk   Plant   Turn   Don’t play   take   start


(1) Walk or (2) take the bus to school.

(3) Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

(4) Don’t play video games all the time.

(5) Plant trees or (6) start a vegetable garden.


2 Write sentences (a) and (b) in the corresponding column. Then add more examples of instructions from the text on page 18. Work in pairs.





  1. Don’t throw away plastic cups.
  2. Reuse supermarket bags


a. negative; b. affirmative


Walk or take the bus to school; Reuse and recycle paper, glass, plastic and aluminium; Turn off the water; Turn off the lights; Plant trees or start a vegetable garden; Wear cool clothes in summer and turn down the air conditioning; In winter, wear warm clothes and turn down the heating.


Don't ptay video games all the time.


3 Complete this dialogue with the verbs in the correct form of imperative.

Get   walk   don’t throw   Reuse   turn   Don’t have


Hisham: Ok! Global warming is a big problem. But what can we do about it?

Nawal: We can do a lot! For example:

(1) Get up at 6 o’clock instead of 7 and (2) walk to school! Don’t go by car.

Hisham: You’re crazy!

Nawal: Of course I’m not! And we must save water, so have a shower. (3) Don’t have a bath.

Hisham: Will. That sounds OK. And what about brushing my teeth?

Nawal: Brush your teeth, but (4) turn off the water while you brush them.

And (5) don’t throw away paper or plastic!

Hisham: What do you mean? I can’t use old paper! I can’t use old plastic cups!

Nawal: Of course you can! (6) Reuse them.


The Present Simple with adverbs of frequency

5 In groups of five, read this questionnaire and write down your answers.

Students’ own answers


6 Now complete the table below with the adverbs always, sometimes or never.

Students’ own answers


Over to you

7 Work in pairs. Go back to pages 18 and 19 and make a list of actions we can do to fight global warming. Then ask questions in pairs with How often do you …?


A: How often do you turn off the computer when you don‘t use it?

B: I always do.

Are you and your partner good global warming fighters? Justify your answer.


answers may include the following ways to slow down

global warming:

  • walking to school

  • saving water (turning off the water while brushing, having a quicker shower ...)
  • adjusting the thermostat temperature of water heaters and air conditioning systems according to the season
  • recycling plastic and paper

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