Exercises of Student’s Book


2   Read and listen to to Mr and Mrs husseini discussing their family holiday plans with their daughter Dalia. What kind of holiday are they planning and in which country?

They are planning a train trip through the Canadian Rockies.



3   Read and listen to the text again and answer the questions.

  1. Why doesn’t Dalia want to go to Australia?

She went there two years age.

  1. What do the words in bold refer to?

We (line 4): Mr Husseini, Mrs Husseini and Dalia.

There (line 16): Vancouver in British Columbia.

Its (line 20): Fraser River.

  1. What is special about Mount Robson?

It is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

  1. Do you think the family will have an exciting holiday? Why/why not?

Students’ own answers.

  1. What would you change in this planned holiday to make it better? Explain.

Students’ own answers.



4   Listen to the questions from the text. To which question can the answer be yes or no?

  1. So, where shall we go on holiday this year?
  2. How about going to Canada?
  3. Do you think it’s a good idea?
  4. Shall I check the flights to Canada?

Question 3 and 4 go up in pitch at the end.


GRAMMAR: Making suggestions

5   Choose the correct answer.

  1. Shall we to go / go / going to Canada this year?
  2. Why don’t we to / don’t we / don’t visit somewhere different?
  3. Shall I to read / reading / read it to you?
  4. How about to go / go / going on a train journey?
  5. Let’s book / to book / booking the tickets today.


6  Complete each suggestion with Shall we or How about.

  1. How about going on holiday to Aqaba?
  2. Shall we go to the theatre this evening?
  3. Shall we take the train?
  4. How about driving to Spain?
  5. Shall we go sightseeing in London?



7   In pairs, make dialogues with these phrases.

  1. (go) on safari in Kenya.

How about going on safari in Kenya.

That’s a great idea.

  1. (go) surfing in Australia.

Why don’t’ we go surfing in Australia.

I’d love to!

  1. (go) mountain climbing in Switzerland.

Shall we go mounting climbing in Switzerland?

I’d love to!

  1. (go) skiing in Lebanon.

Why don’t we go skiing in Lebanon?

That’s a great idea!

  1. (go) sightseeing in London.

How about going sightseeing in London?

I’d love to!

  1. (go) camping in Wadi Rum.

Let’s go camping in Wadi Rum.

That’s a great idea!

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