Exercises of Student’s Book

VOCABULARY: Geographical features

1  Match the pictures with the words from the box.

2  Read and complete the first part of Dalia Husseini’s email about her trip to Canadian Rockies with the words from the box.

Dear Rania,

I’ve been here for tow day’s now and I have seen some wonderful (1) scenery. I’m on a train called The Rocky Express with my family. We’re crossing the Rockies, the spectacular (2) mountain range in the west of Canada. We’re following the (3) route of the Fraser River and my dad has been able to go salmon fishing there. The (4) highlight of the (5) journey for me so far though has been the (6) waterfall called Pyramid Falls. It is spectacular!


GRAMMAR: will / won’t and shall

3   Read and complete the second part of Dalia Husseini’s email. Use the verbs in the box with the future form will / won’t to shell for suggestions. Check the meaning of any words in the box you don’t know.

Tomorrow we (1) will see the Albreda Glacier. Then it’s jasper National Park and we (2) will stay there for one night. My parents have already made the hotel reservation. Then we (3) will hire a car to go to Calgry. My mother wanted to go to Toronto, but we (4) won’t have time. It’s too far. I’m going home next week. (5) shall I call you when I get home? We (6) shall meet so that I show you my photographs.

You (7) won’t believe how many bears we have seen!

See you soon




4   In Pairs, imagine you are planning a trip from Vancouver to Toronto. Make dialogues. Use the words and phrases in the box below.

A: How shall we get there?

B: Shall we go by train?

A: No, that’s too slow. Let’s fly.

B: How shall we travel through Canada?

A: Shall we hire a car?

B: No, that’s too expensive. Let’s go by train.


6   In Pairs, ask and answer the questions in exercise 5.

  1. How will you travel to Malaysia?

I’ll go by plane.

  1. How long will it take to get there?

It’ll take a few hours to get there.

  1. What will you do there?

I will visit the Crystal Mosque and take lots of photographs.

  1. What will the weather be like?

It will be very sunny.

  1. What food will you eat?

I’ll eat Malaysian chicken.

  1. What will you do when you get back?

I’ll show you my photographs.


7   In a group, decide what you will take on your trip. You can choose words from the box below and think of your own items, too. Use shall we …, Let’s … and how about …

A: Shall we take a guidebook?

B: yes, that’s sound like a good idea.

C: How about checking online for tourist attractions there first?

A: Yes, Let’s do that!

B: Look! We can go to Pulau Tioman. It’s a small beautiful island in Malaysia.

A: That’s a great idea! Shall we take warm jackets?

C: No. It will be very sunny. Shall we take suncream?

B: Yes, that is very good idea!

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