Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Complete and match

  1. She woke up while the plane was landing.

Picture b (1)

  1. They collected their suitcases while she was sleeping.

Picture d (2)

  1. They had lunch while they waiting.

Picture a (3)

  1. He put suitcases in the car while she was talking.

Picture c (4)

  1. She started to cry while they checking in.

Picture e (5)


2  Read and circle

  1. Kareem took photos while he walked / was walking in the park.
  2. I ate an apple while I was watching / watched TV.
  3. They were having / had a coffee while they were waiting at the airport.
  4. We saw / were seeing our friends while we were shopping in town.
  5. Muna sent an email while she was listening / listened to the radio.


3  Write

Mr and Mrs Najjar and their son Khaled went to Beirut.

  1. Khaled / wait / they / check in.

Khaled waited while they were checking in.

  1. Mrs Najjar / buy book / she / wait.

Mrs Najjar bought a book while she was waiting.

  1. They / talk / they / board the plane.

They talked while they were boarding the plane.

  1. Mrs Najjar / read book / they / take off.

Mrs Najjar read a book while they were taking off.

  1. Khaled / wake up / plane / land.

Khaled woke up while the plane was landing.

  1. they / phone us / they / collect the suitcases.

They phoned us while they were collecting the suitcases.


5  Read and complete

Flying to Abu Dhabi

  1. Majeda had never flown in a plane before.
  2. There were a lot of people at the airport.
  3. Majeda’s sister Alia started to play while they were checking in.
  4. They had lunch in restaurant while they were waiting.
  5. When they landed they phoned their friends.


6  Rewrite the last paragraph

They enjoyed their journey. Alia played with her teddy bear while they were flying. She / Majeda read her book. They ate a meal while they were flying, too. When they landed they phoned their friends. They had a fantastic holiday!


7  Complete and say

waited       watched        ran        looked

  1. Hussein ran in the park.
  2. They waited for hours.
  3. She watched a DVD.
  4. Alia looked for here teddy bear.


8  Match and complete

  1. Did Faisal make sandwiches for lunch?

d. No, he didn’t. He made meat arayes.

  1. Did you drink a glass of water?

c. No, I didn’t. I drank a glass of milk.

  1. Did Ghada visit her cousins?

a. No, she didn’t. She visited her grandparents.

  1. Did they go to the library?

f. No, they didn’t. They went to the museum.

  1. Did Asma meet her friends in café?

b. No, she didn’t. She met her friends in the park.

  1. Did Heba tidy up her bedroom?

e. No, she didn’t. She tidied up the living room.

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