Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Match and write

Send        tidy up        go        buy        put

  1. A: I’d like to buy some new shoes.

B: I’ll go to the shopping Centre with you. Picture (b).

  1. A: I’ve bought a bouquet of flowers for Mum.

B: I’ll put the flowers in a vase. Picture (e).

  1. A: Have you answered your uncle’s email?

B: I’ll send him an email now. Picture (d).

  1. A: It’s your body cousin’s birthday today.

B: I’ll buy her a present. Picture (a).

  1. A: Let’s prepare the house for our visitors.

B: I’ll tidy up the living room. Picture (c).


2  Write sentences

This weekend …

  1. help / Mum

I’ll help Mum in the kitchen.

  1. tidy up / bedroom

I’ll tidy up my bedroom.

  1. buy / present

I’ll buy a present for my dad.

  1. write / email

I’ll write an email to my friend.

  1. go / shopping

I’ll go shopping with my sister.


3  Read and write

Randa: Let’s help Mum and Dad with some tasks.

Nader: Good idea, Randa. I’ll dry (1) the dishes.

Randa: Thanks Nader. (2) I’ll tidy up my bedroom.

Nader: OK, Randa. What about lunch?  

Randa: That’s another task. OK, I’ll (3) make some sandwiches.

Nader: Good idea. And (4) I’ll put the books on the bookshelf in the living room.

Randa: Are there any other tasks, Nader?

Nader: (5) I’ll wash the car for Dad.

Randa: Good idea! He’ll like that


4  Write sentences

  1. I’ll make a sandwich.
  2. I’ll tidy up (my bedroom).
  3. I’ll dry the dishes.
  4. I’ll wash the car.
  5. I’ll set the table.
  6. I’ll put the book on the bookshelf.


5  Read and complete

Dear Fatima, …

How are you? I (1) spent Last weekend with my grandparents. We went to some special places.

On Friday, we went to Qasr Kharana. It isn’t a castle but it’s a very important, old building. It’s about 1,300 years old and it’s made of (2) stone. There are about 60 rooms and many long passages. We

(3) walked around the building and then I (4) bought some postcards from the shop.

On Saturday, we went to the bird park in Shmeisani. We saw lots of birds. Have you ever (5) been to the bird park? This is a photo of my favourite bird. My grandfather likes birds, so (6) I’ll send the photo to my grandparents too.

There weren’t any cedar trees but there (7) were some beautiful trees in the park. I took lots of (8) photos. I’ll show you them when I see you.

I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Aqaba.

See you soon!



6  Write answers

  1. Who did Nadia see last weekend? She saw her grandparents.
  2. Where did they go on Friday? On Friday they went to Qasr Kharana.
  3. Where did they go on Saturday? On Saturday they went to the bird park.
  4. What is Nadia going to send to her grandparents? Nadia is going to send them a photo of a peacock.
  5. What is she going to show Fatima? Nadia is going to show Fatima photos of the beautiful trees.
  6. What would you like to see in a park? Pupils’ own answers.


7  Complete and say. Listen and check

 Beautiful   delicious   new   interesting   long   small

  1. It’s a small Chair.
  2. It’s beautiful flower.
  3. It’s an interesting book.
  4. It’s a long river.
  5. It’s a delicious meal.
  6. It’s a new dress.

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