Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Complete. Listen and check

Anas: Dad, I’m (1) doing a project for school. Can I ask you some questions?

Dad: Yes, oh course.

Anas: (2) Could You use a computer when you were ten?

Dad: No, I (3) couldn’t. We didn’t have computers when I was young.

Anas: Could you (4) fly a kite?

Dad: Yes, I (5) could I loved flying my kite. It was my favourite toy.

Anas: Could you sew?

Dad: (6) No, I couldn’t. And I can’t sew now!

Anas: Could you mend a (7) mending when you were young?

Dad: No, I couldn’t. My brother Hisham could mend cars. I could mend my bike. I loved (8) .. my bike.

Anas: Thanks Dad.


2  Read again and complete


3  Read and complete

  1. Aunt Muna couldn’t knit when she was young.
  2. Cousin Ibrahim could use a computer when he was young.
  3. Aunt Muna could fly a kite when she was young.
  4. Cousin Ibrahim could speak English when he was young.
  5. Aunt Muna couldn’t make models when she was young.
  6. Cousin Ibrahim couldn’t cook when he was young.


5  Read and label A, B, C


6  Read and circle Yes or No

  1. Weaving is one of Jordan’s oldest traditional crafts.


  1. Nadia’s mum has got a traditional rug.

No. Nadia’s mum has got a beautiful mosaic.

  1. Nadia and her Dad read a book while they were waiting.

No. They watched a video about weaving.

  1. The traditional rugs are made of wool.


  1. Dad bought Mum a black and white rug.

No. It was a colourful rug.


8  Listen and complete

  1. I can play volleyball.
  2. We went to the airport.
  3. Your bag is blue.
  4. Nadia and Sami walk to school.
  5. My teacher is from Amman.
  6. Sami can make models.

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