Exercises of Pupil’s Book

Exercises of Pupil’s Book

3   Listen again and match

  1. (d)
  2. (e)
  3. (a)
  4. (c)
  5. (f)
  6. (b)


3   Look and say

Salma started to cry while they were checking in.

Salma slept while they were waiting for the plane.

Aunt Muna looked for the teddy bear while they were boarding the plane.

Aunt Muna and Uncle Hassan talked while they were taking off.

Salma woke up while they were landing.

A little girl saw them while they were collecting their suitcases. She gave them the teddy bear!


6   Read again and match the sentences

  1. His majesty King Abdullah II opened the new building in (d) March 2013
  2. In airport, there are (e) shops, cafes and restaurants.
  3. The new building is bigger than (a) 100,000 square meters.
  4. Every week (b) more than 1.000 planes land and take off.
  5. A lot of people think that (c) the airport is beautiful.

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