Exercises of Pupil’s Book

Exercises of Pupil’s Book

3   Listen again and choose

  1. The pot is made of clay.
  2. The knife is made of stone.
  3. The spoon is made of metal.
  4. The vase is made of clay.
  5. The bottle is made of glass.
  6. The jug is made of clay.


6   Read again and complete

Clay   stone   library   history   million   2,000

  1. The museum is made of stone and glass.
  2. The museum tells us about the history of Jordan.
  3. There are more than 2,000 objects in the museum.
  4. The oldest objects are more than a million years old.
  5. The Roman objects are made of clay, stone and glass.
  6. The museum has got a library, a shop and café.


7   Read again and say the craft

What do museum teach us about?

Museum teach us about the history of a country. They also teach us about modern objects.


9   Look and say

  1. In the museum, there is a library, a shop and café.
  2. In my city there is a hotel, mosque and park.

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