Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Read and complete

  1. Did she live in Amman when she was young? (E)
  2. My grandmother learned to weave (D)
  3. Could your grandmother sew (B)
  4. Yes, she could. (F)
  5. She couldn’t speak (A)
  6. Could she play tennis (G)
  7. When she was young (H)
  8. She tidied up (C)


2  Listen, write and say

  1. lets help dad ill wash the car

Let’s help Dad. I’ll wash the car.

  1. its a mosaic its very old

Its a mosaic. It’s very old.

  1. when he was young he could fly a kite

When he was young, he could fly a kite.

  1. this is aqaba its my favourite city

This is Aqaba. It’s my favourite city.


3  Listen and complete

  1. Dad drives his car.
  2. Mum learned embroidery.
  3. He played volleyball.
  4. I dried the dishes.
  5. They bought new toys.
  6. We made lunch at half past twelve.


4  Write about Grandpa

Suggested answer

When Grandpa was young, he couldn’t ride a bike. He could drive a car. He could mend cars. He could fly his kite. He couldn’t speak English. He couldn’t make soft toys.


5  Read and complete

Suitcase   arrived   plane   went   visited

  1. Visited.
  2. Plane.
  3. Went.
  4. Suitcase.
  5. Arrived.

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