Exercises of Student’s Book

Exercises of Student’s Book

1   Follow these instructions

Listen to Bdria an Mariam talk about the sports they and their family practice.

What is bossaball?

Bossaball is like volleyball, but you can use all of your body.

Who does it?

Hakim, Mariam’s brother, does it.

What sport does Mariam do?

Mariam skates and play tennis.

What sport does she like to watch?

She likes to watch bossaball.

What sport does Jamal want to do?

Jamal wants to go ice diving.

When can he do it?

His father will let him do it when he is old enough.

Do you want to do any of these sports?

Students’ own answers.


2   Listen to the words below in context. Try to guess their meanings.




رياضة الجودو



Table tennis

تنس طاولة



Ice diving

الغوص تحت الجليد


كرة الطائرة




Sports quiz

  1. Can you play football indoors?


  1. Can you kick the ball in basketball.


  1. Can you use any metals in a judo competition?


  1. Can you hit the ball with your hand in tennis?


  1. Can you hit the ball with your head in football?


  1. Can you use your feet in hockey?



2   read the text again. Then, answer these questions in pairs.

  1. How do you think players should behave when there is no referee watching the game?

Students’ own answers.

  1. Find tow differences between the rules of tennis and the rules of football.

Tennis is played on a court, whereas football is played on a pitch.

An umpire watches the game in tennis, whereas a referee watches a football match.

To earn a point in football you must kick the ball into the goal, whereas in tennis you must hit the ball over the net.


3   Listen to the words below in context. Try to guess their meanings.










ملعب للتنس




حكم للتنس


مضرب تنس



Have to / don’t have to, can / can’t

1 Read the sentences and choose the correct words. Check your answers in the text on page 50.

  1. Each football team has to have 11 players.
  2. You can kick the ball in football.
  3. I am a referee. I have to watch the match.
  4. Football players can’t touch the ball with their hands.
  5. Tennis players have to use a racquet.
  6. There is an umpire in tennis. He has to decide if a player wins a point.


2 Complete the text with the correct forms of can / can’t.

Ice diving in Antarctica is becoming very popular. You (1) can’t do it if you are not a well-trained diver. Once you are in the water, you can see a completely different world. You (2) can dive with seals and penguins. You (3) can observe animals from under the surface, or you (4) can catch a fish while it is in deep sleep. However, because ice keeps moving, you (5) can’t be sure of your final destination. You might end up miles from your original diving spot.


4 Look at the pictures and use the phrases from the box to write school rules using have to/don't have to and can/can't. Then, write your own sentences using the words in brackets.

write notes by hand     use mobile phones     study hard     take books out of library


  1. You have to study hard.

(can't) You can't pass exams without studying

Suggested answers

  1. You don't have to write notes by hand. You can use a computer.
  2. You can take books out of the library. You don't have to buy them.
  3. You can't use mobile phones. You have to turn them off.


5 Complete the text with the correct forms of have to/don't have to.

Winning isn't everything. If you want to be a truly good sportsman, you (1) have to; behave well all the time. This is called being a good sport. The most important thing that all good sports (2) have to; remember is respect: respect for your teammates, for your opponents and for the referee. Good sports accept that you (3) don't have to; win all the time and you certainly (4) don't have to; cheat to do so. Good sports never make their teammates or the other team feel bad and they (5) don't have to; make excuses if they don't do well. Remember that not everyone can be the world's best player but everyone (6) has to be a good sport!


8 Listen to the text about a Jordanian athlete and use the Listening Strategies to answer the questions.

1. What can't a player do to win a game?

a. try to cause injury

b. train hard

c. win a gold medal

2. What does Hussam have to do to realise his dream?

a. compete against Jordanian players

b. win a gold medal in the Olympics

c. participate in the Arab Championship

3. What does Hussam have to do to be able to participate in the Olympics?

a. learn other sports

b. wait until he's older

c. train well


Lesson 4 and 5

1   Listen to the words below in context. Try to guess their meanings.

Olympic Games, athletics, fencing, gymnastics, medal, chariot racing


  1. Only the best athletes from around the world go to the Olympic Games.
  2. There are lots of great runners at my athletics club.
  3. When I watch fencing, I imagine what sword fighting was like hundreds of years ago.
  4. I wouldn't be good at gymnastics because I cannot stretch my arms and legs.
  5. Sally won a silver medal after coming second in the race.
  6. Chariot racing looks like fun, but aren't you afraid of being pulled along in a small vehicle by horses?




Olympic Games

الألعاب الأولمبية


ألعاب القوى







chariot racing

سباق العربات


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