Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

First section


1 Read the sentences. Then, label the pictures using the vocabulary from module 5.

  1. To be a good referee, you have to see well and be good at taking decisions.
  2. The school’s football pitch was muddy after the big game.
  3. A court with no lines isn’t useful for basketball or tennis.
  4. Unfortunately, Huda didn’t hit the ball over the net and lost the game.
  5. Nader kicked the ball into the goal just before the football match ended.



Have to/don’t have to, can/can’t

2 Underline the correct form of the verbs.

Football rules

A team has to have 10 players and one goalkeeper. A player (1) have to/has to wear a shirt, footwear, pads, shorts and socks. Players’ shirt (2) has to/have to be very light and comfortable. They (3) have to/ has to have number of the player on the back and club’s badge on the chest. The two teams (4) has to/have to wear different kit to be differentiated on the pitch. To score a goal, the ball (5) have to/has to cross one of the goal areas.


3 Complete the text with the correct forms of have to and can and find out what game it is. Then, listen and check your answer.

It’s a very fast game and there are three versions of it. In the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) and NBA (National Basketball Association) version, each team (1) has to have five players. However, in the college version, team (2) can’t have five players. They (3) have to have six. In the NBA and college versions there (4) have to be three referees in each game, but in FIBA version, there can only be two. Players (5) have to pass the ball with their hands and throw it through a hoop to score points. In the college version, either the coach or a player (6) can call timeout and the game has to last 49 minutes, divided into two 20-minutes halves.

What game is it?

The game is basketball.


Second section


Have to/don’t have to can/can’t

1 Find five mistakes in the use of the forms of have to and can.

Bossaball is a sport that was invented in Spain. It is like volleyball, but players cannot can use any part of their bodies. Players don’t have have to play on a court filled with air. Each side of the net has to have a trampoline so that players have to can jump high into the air. Team can’t can have between three and five players. To start the match, one team doesn’t have to has to throw or kick the ball over the net. The opponents have to keep the ball in the air.


2 Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? Correct the false sentences using have to/don’t have to and can/can’t.

Olympic Quiz

  1. Players have to use a racquet in judo. (F)

Players can’t use a racquet in judo.

  1. Women can’t participate in the Olympics. (F)

Women can participate in the Olympics.

  1. People have to play some Olympic sport on a court. (T)
  2. People don’t have to use a ball in football. (F)

People have to use a ball in football

  1. You can’t compete in surfing in the Olympics. (T)
  2. Players can compete in chariot racing in the next Olympic Games. (F)

Players can’t compete in chariot racing in the next Olympic Games


3 Use these notes to write a paragraph about the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon (DSUM) using have to/ don’t have to, can/can’t.

If you want to participate in DSUM, there are some rules that you can’t forget. First of all, you have to make sure you are at the meeting point by 5:30 in the morning. You can’t be late, bring any bicycle, animal or skateboard to the race course, this will be considered cheating! You have to run the full course if you want to win the race. However, you don’t have to continue running if you feel too tired because you might hurt yourself. Whether you win the Marathon or not, don’t forget to enjoy the race!  


Vocabulary Corner

4 Look at the clues and write the sports in the puzzle.

  1. HOCKEY.


5 What’s the hidden sentence?



Fourth section


2 Complete the words with the correct spelling.

Ancient Egyptians practiced many of today’s (1) sports. We can see writing on old monuments that show they did swimming, fishing, (2) athletics and many other kinds of games. Drawing on the pyramids tell us that the ancient Egyptians invented many of the present (3) rules for games. Things like choosing a (4) referee, making (5) players of the same team wear the same clothes and giving the winners (6) medals started in ancient Egypt.


Linking words


3 Complete this paragraph using the words in the box.

Finally   Then   However   At the beginning   and   also

A short history of football

In ancient times, people played games with the same basic rules as modern football.

In China, in the 5th century BCE, players had to kick a leather ball through a hole in a piece of cloth. (1) However, there were no teams. (2) Then, we come to a rectangular grass surface with a ball. Football was also played in Britain, in the 9th century. (3) At the beginning there was no limit on the number of players and (4) also there were no rules. By the end of the 14th century, football was part of everyday life in England. (5) Finally, on October 26th 1863, all the clubs in England met (6) and founded the Football Association.


What I have learnt

1 Read this text. Then complete with the correct forms of have to/don’t have to, can/can’t. (2 marks each)

You (1) can’t (not) always win when you play sports. Even if you’re a great player sometimes you (2) have to Lose. However, losing (3) doesn’t have to (not) be the end of the world. If you learn how to be a good sport, you (4) can stop yourself from getting too upset.

There are a few things you can do to learn how to be a better sport. Be polite to everyone, not just the people on your team. Don’t argue with decisions, referees are there for a reason. You (5) can’t (not) make up excuses or blame other if you lose. See? You only have to follow a few simple rules to learn how to be a good sport.


2 Make sentences. (2 marks each)               

  1. has to / players / . / team / A / have / football / eleven

A football team has to have eleven players.

  1. hands / . / A / with / can / ball / the / goalkeeper / touch / his

A goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands.

  1. basketball / players / . / kick / the / can’t / in / ball

Players can’t kick the ball in basketball.

  1. if / tired / Runners / don’t / a full / they / course / feel / . / run / have to

Runners don’t have to run a full course if they feel tired.

  1. a point / umpire / An / . / has to / if / a player / decide / wins

An umpire has to decide if a player wins a point.


3 Choose the correct answer. (2 marks each)

  1. In football, you … hit the ball with your head.
  1. can
  2. can’t
  3. have to
  1. You …. use your mobile phone on a plane.
  1. haven’t to
  2. can’t
  3. don’t have to
  1. You …. use physical violence in sports.
  1. don’t have to
  2. can’t
  3. doesn’t have to
  1. Football players of the same team … wear the same kit.
  1. can’t
  2. have to
  3. doesn’t have to
  1. In beach volleyball, you … wear shoes.
  1. doesn’t have to
  2. can’t
  3. don’t have to

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