Exercises of Student’s Book

Exercises of Student’s Book

Before you start


Answer these questions about space travel, the universe, sport and historic complexes.

  1. What happens in zero gravity?
  1. We fall down.
  2. We fall asleep
  3. we float.
  1. Why do astronauts leave objects out in space?
  1. Because they can’t use them anymore.
  2. To use them again when they go back to space.
  3. To do experiments on these objects.
  1. What is a magnetic compass used for?
  1. Showing us the time needed to reach a place.
  2. Guiding us to certain place.
  3. Teaching us how to fly a plane.
  1. Why do players need a referee in games?
  1. To take the place on an injured player.
  2. To make sure players are not breaking the rules.
  3. To take photos on the game.
  1. What should a participant in the Olympic Games do to get silver medal?
  1. Finish in first place.
  2. Finish in second place.
  3. Finish in third place.
  1. Which is not acceptable in basketball?
  1. Bouncing the ball.
  2. Stealing the ball from an opponent.
  3. Using physical violence.
  1. What is fortification?
  1. A wall for protecting a place.
  2. A prison for criminals.
  3. A list of places.
  1. Which of these places are included in the list of World Heritage Sites?
  1. Historic complexes.
  2. Modern cities.
  3. Buildings with the latest technology.
  1. How can countries preserve their historical places?
  1. By destroying them.
  2. By renovating them.
  3. By selling them.


1   Use the words in columns A and B to make complete sentences with will/won’t. Write them in your notebook using the correct punctuation.

  1. d: The space scrapyard will damage space shuttles.
  2. a: Humans won't be abIe to live on Mercury In the future because it's too hot.
  3. e: A compass wiII help people reach a certain place.
  4. b: Messages won’t arrive at Gliese 581d before 2013.
  5. c: Astronauts will have Special training at a space training centre.


2   In pairs, put these expressions in the correct column. Then, write sentences using the correct forms of have to and can.

play on pitch    kick the ball

not hit the ball with chest

hit the ball over a net    referee

not touch the ball with hand play

 on court    umpire




play on pitch; kick the ball; referee; not touch the ball With hand

play on court; hit the ball over a net; umpire; not hit the ball With chest


3   Listen and fill in blanks. Then, listen again and check your answers.

Malta is an interesting island which has many impressive historic (1) complexes. Malta's best-known attraction is the Mnajdra complex. (2) Prehistoric men built it and decorated its temples with (3) carvings. Before the discovery of the (4) ruins of Gobekli Tepe, in Turkey, the Mnajdra complex was considered to be the oldest building in the world. UNESCO has also included it in its list of World (5) Heritage Sites.


4   Find the 10 words from Modules 4-6 and write them down.


  1. ditch.
  2. empire.
  3. astronomer.
  4. Olympic Games.
  5. racquet.
  6. heritage.


  1. incorporate.
  2. medal.
  3. zero gravity.
  4. perform.



In groups discuss the following questions.

  1. In your own words, describe the challenge each of the two characters has set for the other.

Malek challenged Mansour to sleep on the roof without any cover or fire to keep him warm.

Mansour wanted to teach Malek a lesson which was to keep his promise: to take Mansour on a journey if he slept on the roof at night without a cover.

  1. What was the motive behind each challenge? Did the characters mean well? Explain your answer.

Malek was rich and was wearing a heavy coat. He challenged Mansour, knowing that Mansour was wise. Maybe he was arrogant and felt like humiliating Mansour. On the other hand, Mansour had good intentions. He invited Malek for dinner to show him the importance of keeping one's promise.

  1. Do you think that Mansour was fair in his response to Malek's challenge? What does this tell us about Mansour?

Mansour was fair. He convinced Malek that the candle, which could not cook the meat, did not keep him warm that night on the roof.

  1. What do you think of the end of the story? Did you expect it? Is it fair?

In the end, the two men were happy. Malek knew he was wrong, and Mansour was going to go on a journey to see a wonderful place.

  1. Fill in the following table with information about the story.

  1. In your notebook, draw a table and write adjectives that describe each character, Mansour and Malek.

  1. Fill the blanks in Column A with the write words from Column B
  1. He warmed his hands by the fire.
  2. The weather is quite warm today.
  3. The sun shines brightly during the day.
  4. He was very proud of his work.
  5. They hung their clothes out to dry.
  6. He could see the city from the roof of his house.


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