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Before you begin

1   Look at the photographs. What can you see? How have these items changed over time?

Suggested answer

The pictures might all be machines, but the first one is very old. The second is obviously a computer, but it is very big, and the third is a modern laptop. I think they could all be types of computers.


2   DW Read the words in the box. Which word is a type of computer? Check the meaning of any word(s) that you do not know in the Glossary on page 90 or in a dictionary.

DW: Dictionary Work

calculation   computer chip   floppy disk   PC   

program   smartphone   World Wide Web


The word

The meaning



(noun) a way of using numbers in order to find out an amount, price or value calculate (verb)


computer chip

(noun) a small piece inside a computer which stores information via an electric current

شريحة كمبيوتر

floppy disk

(noun) a flexible, removable magnetic disk that stores computer information

قرص مرن

PC (Personal Computer)

a computer that is used by one person at a time

كمبيوتر شخصي


(noun) a set of instructions enabling a computer to function



(noun) mobile phone with advanced computing technology

هاتف ذكي

World Wide Web

(noun) an information system, known as the internet, which allows documents to be connected to other documents, and for people to search for information by moving from one document to another

الشبكة العنكبوتية العالمية


3   This article is about the history of computers. How old is the world’s oldest computer? Listen and read.


   When you are using a computer, think about the technology that is needed for it work. People have been using types of computers for thousands of years. A metal machine was found on the seabed in Greece that was more than 2,000 years old. It is believed that this was the first ever computer.

   عندما تتحدث عن جهاز الحاسوب، فإن عليك أن تفكر بالتكنولوجيا (التقنيات) الضرورية لعمل هذا الجهاز، فالبشر لا يزالون يستخدمون أنواعاً من الحواسيب منذ آلاف السنين، وقد تمّ العثور على آلة معدنية في قاع البحر في اليونان يزيد عمرها على ألفيّ عام، حيث يعتقد أنه كان جهاز الحاسوب الأول على الإطلاق.

   In the 1940s, technology had developed enough for inventors to make the first generation of modern computers. One such model was so large that it needed a room that was 167 square metres to accommodate it. During that decade, scientists in England developed the first computer program. It took 25 minutes to complete one calculation. In 1958 CE, the computer chip was developed.

   وفي الأربعينيات، تطورت التكنولوجيا بدرجة كافية ليقوم المخترعون بصنع الجيل الأول من الحواسيب الحديثة، وهذا الحاسوب كان كبيراً لدرجة أنّه بحاجة إلى غرفةٍ مساحتها 167 متراً مربعاً ليوضع فيها، وخلال ذلك العقد، قام العلماء في إنجلترا بتطوير أول برنامج للحاسوب، حيث كان يستغرق 25 دقيقة ليقوم بعملية حسابية واحدة كاملة، وفي عام 1958، تمّ تطوير رقاقة الحاسوب.  

   The first computer game was produced in 1962 CE, followed two years later by the computer mouse. In 1971 CE, the floppy disk was invented, which meant that information could be shared between computers. The first PC (personal computer) was produced in 1974 CE, so people could buy computers to use at home.

   وفي عام 1962، تم إنتاج أول لعبة على الحاسوب، وبعدها بسنتين اثنتين تم إنتاج ماوس الحاسوب "الفأرة"، أما في عام 1971 فقد تم اختراع الـ"فلوبي ديسك" (القرص المرن)، الأمر الذي مكن من تبادل ونقل المعلومات بين أجهزة الحواسيب لأول مرّة، وقد تم إنتاج أول حاسوب شخصي عام 1974، وبالتالي استطاع الناس أن يشتروا حواسيب لاستعمالها في المنازل.

   In 1983 CE, people could buy a laptop for the first time. Then, in 1990 CE, the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web. However, it was not until 2007 CE that the first smartphones appeared. Today, most people use their mobile phones every day.

   في عام 1983، استطاع الناس أن يشتروا أجهزة الحواسيب المحمولة لأول مرّة، وبعدها في عام 1990 تمكن العالم البريطاني "تيم بيرنرز لي" من تطوير الشبكة العنكبوتية العالمية، على أيّة حال، فإن أجهزة الهاتف النقال الذكي لم تظهر حتى عام 2007 أما في أيّامنا هذه، فإن معظم الناس يستخدمون أجهزة الهاتف النقال كل يوم.

   What will happen in the future? You can already buy watches which can do the same as mobile phones. Scientists have also developed glasses that are capable of doing even more than this.

   وما الذي سيحدث في المستقبل؟ باستطاعتك الآن شراء ساعات بد تقوم بما تقوم به أجهزة الهاتف المحمول، كما أن العلماء ابتكروا وطوّروا نظارات تقوم بالغرض نفسه وزيادة.

   Life in the future is going to see further changes in computer technology. It is likely that all aspects of everyday life will rely on a computer program, from how we travel to how our homes are heated.

   إنّ الحياة في المستقبل ستشهد مزيداً من التغيرات في تكنولوجيا الحاسوب، ومن المحتمل أنّ كل جوانب الحياة ستعتمد على برامج الحاسوب من كيفية السفر والتنقّل إلى كيفية تدفئة البيوت.



4   Listen to and read the article again and answer the questions.

  1. Where was the first ever computer found?

أين تم العثور على أول كمبيوتر؟

It was found on seabed in Greece.

  1. What information in the text shows that the first modern computers were very large?

اقتبس المعلومة في النصّ التي تبيّن أن الكمبيوترات كانت ضخمة جداً.

A very large room was needed to keep the computers in; the room was 167 square metres.

  1. List the inventions that were completed between 1958 CE and 1974 CE.

اذكر الاختراعات التي اكتملت بين عاميّ 1958 و 1974

The computer chip, the first computer game, the computer mouse. The floppy disk, the first personal computer.


  1. How do you think computer technology will develop further in the future? How far do you agree with the article?

برأيك، كيف ستتطور تكنولوجيا الكمبيوتر أكثر في المستقبل؟ إلى أي مدى تتفق بالرأي مع المقالة؟

Suggested answer:

I think that computer technology will develop further in the future to the point that it will ‘know’ how to address our every need. We will not have to think about everyday tasks like shopping and cleaning because technology will take care of them. I disagree with the article because I do not think that all aspects of our daily lives will rely on a computer program, because this would result in too many problems if the computers crashed


  1. We rely more and more on computer technology. How far do you agree that this is a positive development?

نعتمد أكثر وأكثر على تكنولوجيا الكمبيوتر. إلى أي مدى تتفق مع هذا التطوّر؟

Suggested answer:

I agree that computers have enabled us to do many great things, but becoming overly reliant on technology is not a positive aspect of this development.


Grammar: Revision of the tenses

5   Work in pairs. In the article on page 6, find one sentence with each of the following grammatical structures. Then in your notebook write your own sentences for each of the items and tell your partner.

  1. The Present Simple
  2. The Present Continuous
  3. The Present Perfect
  4. The Present Perfect Continuous
  5. The Past Simple
  6. The Past Perfect
  7. The Present Simple Passive
  8. The Past Simple Passive
  9. The Future with will
  10. The Future with going to

6   Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

People (1) have been using (Present Perfect Continuous) smartphones since they (2) were invented (Past Simple Passive) in the early in the early 2000s, people (3) bought (Past Simple) phones in different colours and different designs. In 2010 CE, the first tablet computer (4) was produced (Past Simple Passive). By the end of 2010 CE, companies (5) had sold (Past Perfect) more smartphones than PCs For the first time.

Now, about one billion smartphones (6) are sold (Present Simple Passive) around the world each year. In the near future, It (7) is estimated (Present Simple Passive) that over 40% of the population in Jordan will have a smartphone. It probable that this market (8) will expand (Future with will) in the future. At the moment, people aged 16-30 (9) are buying (Present Continuous) the most smartphones, but experts say there (10) will be (Future with will) a growth in the number of older people buying smartphones in the future.



7  Work in pairs and answer the following questions.

  1. Which form of modern technology do you think is the most useful? Why?
  2. What are the advantage and disadvantages of having laptop computer, tablet computers or smartphones?
  3.  What would life be like without computers?

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