Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

Initial test

1  Choose an adjective from the box that best suits each description.

Close    shy    outgoing    serious    reliable    talented


  1. While his friends went outside to play football, Sami stayed inside to finish his homework. Sami is always serious when it comes to school.
  2. Hamzah and Adel always tell each other some of their secrets. They are very Close friends.
  3. My favourite basketball team won the final game today. They play really well and they are extremely talented.
  4. The teacher introduced the new girl to her classmates. The new girl's face turned red. The girl is shy.
  5. Yesterday, Mum asked my sister to get some vegetables on her way back from school. My sister remembered to do so because she is very reliable.


2  Use the following beginnings to write your own sentences with the First Conditional. 

  1. If you want to send a letter, ….
  2. You'll do well at school ….
  3. If you do a first-aid course, ….
  4. If you Iike to go on holidays, ….
  5. I’ll go to the doctor ….

Students’ own answers.


3  Complete the table below with the time expressions from the box.

2005 CE    three weeks    three o’clock    August    ten years    five minutes    last summer    an hour    she was 6    over a year




three weeks    

2005 CE

ten years

three o’clock

five minutes


an hour

last summer

over a year

she was 6


4  Choose five of the time expressions in exercise 3 to write your own sentences using the Present Perfect Simple. 

Students’ own answers.


5  Choose the correct alternative.

  1. We must not waste time. We have a lot of work to do.
  2. When I arrived this morning, there weren't any students in class.
  3. Yesterday, Ali found many pennies on the floor, so he went and gave them to the police.
  4. Nour went shopping and liked a very expensive dress that she wanted to buy. However, she didn't have much money, so she bought a cheaper one.
  5. As I walked down the street, I saw a poor man. He wanted a little food, so I gave him some.


6  Choose the correct answer.  

  1. When a person wears clothes that are up to date in style. then that person is ….

a. smart     b. trendy     c. format

  1. My friend and I visited the charity shop …. sells donated items.

a. where.     b. Who     c. that

  1. After he finishes university, Nader has decided that he …. travel around the world.

a. is going to     b. will     c. am going to

  1. The opposite of huge is ….

a. big     b. tiny      c. weightless

  1. It is very important for colleagues to …. so that the job is done efficiently.

a. represent     b. communicate     c. lead


7  Find five words that are adjectives and five words that are verbs.



1  Replace the underlined words with their meanings from the box.

goods    assistance    ordinary    new and fresh    people who are buying things    people who are selling things


  1. I've never seen a design like that before. It's very original! new and fresh
  2. For your business to become successful, you have to know more about your typical customers. ordinary
  3. It's important to give customers good service. people who are buying things
  4. Do you often try new products, or do you always use the same one? goods
  5. This company provides us with excellent services. I like it! assistance



2  Rewrite the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first. Use the Present Perfect Simple and the words in brackets. Add or change any words as necessary.

  1. We got here at nine o'clock. We're still here. (since)

We’ve been here since nine o’clock.

  1. Fifteen years ago, my aunt and uncle went to Canada. They're still there. (for)

My aunt and uncle have been in Canada for 15 years.

  1. Faisal is very good at football. He started practising this sport when he was very young. (since)

Faisal has practiced football since he was very young.

  1. Samia is fasting for Ramadan. She started fasting when she was 12. (since)

Samia has fasted for Ramadan since she was 12.

  1. My mother is a teacher. She began to teach 35 years ago. (for)

My mother has been a teacher for 35 years.


3  Look at the list of instructions about a camping trip. Complete the rules with will, Won't,be going to or not be going to.

camping trip

  1. Bring your own towel because there won’t be any towels at the camp
  2. Bring only old clothes. If you wear good clothes, they will get ruined.
  3. We are going to have a reading night on Tuesday, so bring your favourite book with you. You will need it.
  4. You can bring a camera if you have one, as there will be an opportunity to observe some wild animals during the day.
  5. Don't bring your hiking boots with you. We are not going to go hiking anymore because it wiil rain.



4  Look at the photo. What product do you Jimmy invented?

Students’ own answers.


5   Read the text and check your answer. Then, complete the underlined phrases in the text with the verbs and phrases from the box so that they form meaningful sentences.

 Provide   work out   design   make   set up   find out


Jimmy Tomczak, from Michigan, USA, enjoyed walking in the countryside, but he couldn't find the right shoes to wear. Most good quality, lightweight shoes cost too much, so he decided to (1) design his own product.

One day, he was helping a builder to repair a roof of a house. Instead of using expensive material, they used old advertising boards, which were made of a lightweight strong plastic. After six months, the roof was still in good condition. The plastic proved to be strong as well as waterproof. That encouraged Jimmy to (2) find out more about the material and to use it in his shoe production.

He created 20 shoe models before he was satisfied with the final design and could (3) set up a business.

At first, he didn't sell his shoes to (4) make a profit, but after a while, he managed to (5) work out the right cost in order to set a price. All the sandals are made locally, using local workers. Now Jimmy's business is very successful. He is selling about 1,000 pairs of his special shoes every month.


6   Answer the following questions about Jimmy Tomczak’s invention.

  1. Why did Jimmy want to produce his own Shoes?

Jimmy Wanted to produce his own shoes because there wasn't an affordable pair of shoes on the market that was suitable for his needs.

  1. What did Jimmy think of the plastic advertising boards?

Jimmy thinks the plastic advertising boards were light, strong and waterproof.

  1. How do we know that Jimmy's product is ethical and environmentally friendly?

Jimmy's product is made of recycled material, and local workers produce it locally.

  1. Why would anyone buy Jimmy's shoes? Explain.

Suggested answer: Anyone would buy Jimmy's shoes because they are comfortable. They are made of lightweight strong plastic.

  1. What modifications would you make to improve Jimmy’s invention?

Students' own answer.



7   Look at Amal’s diary for next week. Use the diary to write conditions for each day using the First Conditional.

Sunday: If she doesn’t have a school project, she will attend a presentation about future careers.

Monday: If she doesn't have a lot of homework, she will go shopping with her mum.

Tuesday: If she has toothache again, she will visit the dentist.

Wednesday: If her bedroom is very messy, she will tidy it.

Thursday: If she has some free time, she will collect food, warm clothes and toys for the needy.

Friday: lf the weather's sunny, she will go camping with her family.

Saturday: If she finishes her homework early, she will visit her grandma.



8   Read this job advertisement and answer the questions.

Do you enjoy being with children? Do you enjoy activities such as sports, arts and crafts? Then this job is perfect for you.

We are an early-learning centre in lrbid, looking for individuals who are interested in teaching young children in a supportive and caring environment. We would like teachers to work with children of all ages on the activity programmes. Please apply only if you have previous experience in working with children.

We need you to be friendly, enthusiastic and energetic, and to have

the ability to teach activities to young children.

We provide training and a uniform.

Send us an email today for an interview.

  1. What are the have skills and qualifications required to apply for this job?

The five characteristics are: having previous experience; being friendly; being enthusiastic; being energetic; having ability to teach activities to young children.

  1. Do you think you are suitable for this job? Explain why / why not.

Students' own answer.



9   Read the advertisement and write down two reasons why the item is for sale. Then, briefly state your opinion on whether you are convinced and say why.

Reason 1: The seller needs more space in this room.

Reason 2: He hasn’t used the item very much.

Opinion: Students' own answer.

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