Unit-2 Treasure of the earth

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Unit-2 Treasure of the earth


1  Reorder the letters to find the names of five jewels using the given clues.

  1. erbam (a brown fossilised resin) amber
  2. aldreem (a green stone) emerald
  3. miaddon (a white stone) diamond
  4. byur (a red stone) ruby
  5. elarp (found in a shell) pearl



2  choose the correct modal verb.

  1. A: Look at that old car! I wonder how much it costs.

B: It can’t be expensive - it's in very poor condition.

  1. A: Oh dear! We're a bit late. We might miss the bus.

B: Never mind. If we walk really quickly, we could be there on time.

  1. A: Where's Mum?

B: I'm not sure. She must be home because her bag is here. She might be in the kitchen, or she might be in the garden.

  1. A: I can't find my pen.

B: Look in your pencil case it might be in there.

A: It isn't in there. It must be in the classroom, on my desk.


3  Read the situations and complete the sentences with one of the following: must, could, might or can't.

  1. You see your neighbour running out of the house to school. School starts in five minutes. He must be late.
  2. You receive a postcard in the summer from your friend. It has a French stamp. She must be in France on holiday.
  3. You see a watch on a desk at school. Hala said she couldn't find her watch. Ali is looking for his new watch, too. The watch could be Hala's and it could be Ali's.
  4. You haven't seen any lights on in your neighbour's house for a week, and their car isn't there. They can’t be at home. They might be on holiday.
  5. He worked all day. He must be tired.
  6. There is a red fruit in the fruit bowl on the table. It can’t be a banana.
  7. You need your calculator for your maths homework. It could be in your schoolbag.



4  Look at the photo. What do you thin; the text will be about?

   Students’ own answers.


5  Read the text and check your answer.

The text is about pearls -how they are formed, how they are manufactured and the difference in their features from those of other gemstones.


6  Answer the following questions.

  1. How are pearls different from diamonds?

Unlike diamonds, pearls are not stones, they haven't been dug out of the earth and they don't sparkle.

  1. What kind of ocean produces pearl oysters?

Tropical oceans produce pearl oysters.

  1. What causes an oyster to start producing mother-of-pearl minerals?

The sand that gets inside the shell causes the oyster to start producing mother-of-pearl minerals.

  1. When were the first manufactured pearls created?

The first manufactured pearls were created in 1894 CE.

  1. How were they created?

A Japanese businessman named Kokichi Mikimoto put a small bead into a living oyster shell.

  1. How are natural pearls different from manufactured pearls?

Natural pearls are more expensive than manufactured pearls


7  Label the following pictures, then answer the question below.

  1. Vase.
  2. Coin.
  3. Pearl.
  4. Diamond.
  5. Necklace.
  6. Plate.

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