Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Look and complete

  1. Use an encyclopaedia.
  2. Look up the word in the dictionary.
  3. Find the page in the index.
  4. Check your partner’s work.
  5. Mark your work.


2  Read and write K (Kareem) or Y (Mr Yusuf)

  1. How can we find information about the places? K
  2. it's a big book. Where do I look? K
  3. Good morning, everyone. My name's Mr Yusuf and I'm your new teacher. Y
  4. How do you spell 'buildings’? K
  5. Good. Now I can mark your work! Y
  6. Can you repeat that, please? K
  7. I’m writing about Umm Qais. There are some Roman buildings there. K
  8. Now check your partner's work, please. Y


3  Complete and match

Index     dictionary    work    encyclopaedia

  1. Use an

Encyclopaedia   c

  1. Look up the word in the

Dictionary   a

  1. What is the jug made of? It’s made of glass.

Work   d

  1. What is the bottle made of? It’s made of clay.

Index   b


4  Complete the table

heavy    helpful    headache    hear    healthy




A pain in the head


Well, not ill


To take in sound through your ears


Difficult to carry, weighing a lot


Happy to help other people


5  Read and complete

Dear Nadia

This summer, we (1) went to Aqaba on holiday. Aqaba is in the south of Jordon by the sea. I went with my family and we (2) travelled there by car. We (3) stayed with my uncle and aunt in their house.

There are a lot of buildings in Aqaba.

They are very beautiful. This is a picture of the castle in Ayla. It’s very (4) interesting. This was my favourite building.

There are some beautiful beaches in Aqaba. You can (5) swim in the sea. We spent a day on the beach. I like Aqaba. We (6) had a good time and I want to go there again one day.

Best wishes,



6  Read and circle Yes or No

  1. Fatima went on holiday with her friends.

No. She went with her family.

  1. She travelled to Aqaba by car.


  1. Fatima and her family stayed with her aunt and uncle.


  1. There are some interesting shops in Ayla.

No. There is a castle in Ayla.

  1. Fatima and her family spent a day in a water park.

No. They spent a day on the beach.

  1. Fatima had a good holiday.



7  Write, Listen and check

Football 2

Museum 3

Spell 1

Seventy 3

Building 2

Lake 1

Work 1

Repeat 2

Holiday 3


8  Look and write

  1. Two hundred and sixty-five 265
  2. 430 four hundred and thirty.
  3. Five hundred and thirty-tow 532
  4. 729 seven hundred and twenty-nine.
  5. One hundred and fifty-tow 152
  6. 692 six hundred and ninety-two.
  7. Three hundred and twenty-sis 326
  8. 417 four hundred and seventeen.

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