Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Choose an adjective from the box that best suits each description.

valuable   outgoing   serious   talented   reliable


  1. Samer has got a lot of friends. He isn't quiet and shy. outgoing
  2. He doesn't joke at all. He thinks a lot about everything. serious
  3. Samia does her job perfectly. You can count on her. reliable
  4. Mr Rashwan is a gifted painter. He can sketch people and natural scenery. talented
  5. Her necklace is priceless. She keeps it in a very safe place. valuable


2  Underline the correct words to complete the text. 

Mr Khatib (1) is going to visit at son next week. He (2) won't like the weather because it (3) ’II be really cold where his son's family lives. He (4) 's going to stay the whole week then he (5) 'll head back home.


3  Make five sentences choosing components from each column.

  1. The place where I live is really quiet.
  2. This book, which you read yesterday, seems interesting.
  3. The boy whose hair is black lives next to my house.
  4. The man who works here is not my relative.
  5. The doll that cries belongs to my sister.


4  Group the words in the box according to the table below. Then use five of the words to write your own sentences.

headdress   tunic   casual   costume   jumper   garment   robe   formed   fashionable   smart


Pieces of clothing: headdress, tunic, costume, jumper, garment, robe.

Type of clothes: casual, formal, fashionable, smart.


5  Choose the correct answer.

  1. When someone shows constant support, he is …..
  1. shy
  2. skilful
  3. loyal
  1. Tutankhamun was a boy when he became a …..
  1. writer
  2. pharaoh
  3. king
  1. Fadwa Touqan is one of the greatest …. in the 20th century.
  1. cooks
  2. painters
  3. poets
  1. This is a kuflyyah people wear as a headdress.
  1. that
  2. where
  3. who
  1. There are those donate money to charity.
  1. where
  2. who
  3. whose
  1. Students …. clothes are trendy may cause other students to feel insecure.
  1. where
  2. who
  3. whose
  1. I …. be a computer specialist in the future.
  1. am going to
  2. is going to
  3. will
  1. A …. is giving someone money in order to do a dishonest favour.
  1. conduct
  2. dress code
  3. bribe
  1. …. the future as science fiction authors picture it?
  1. Will / be
  2. Is / going to be
  3. Has / been
  1. The opposite of impatient is
  1. happy
  2. calm
  3. patient

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