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Countable and uncountable nouns

(some / any)

1  Sameer and Nour are making a shopping list. Use these cues to write sentences in your notebook with We’ve got some or We haven't got any.

Example: We haven’t got any fish.

We've got some chocolate biscuits.

We've got some tea.

We've got some sugar.

We haven’t got any flour.

We haven't got any onions.

We haven't got any milk.


Write the plural of the nouns in the correct column.

chicken   tomato   flower   cherry   day   peach   berry   cake   box   way   bridge   fly   potato


- s

- es

y + - s

y + - ies


















Rules to form the plural:

Most nouns add -s at the end of the word.

Nouns ending in -s, -z, -ch, -sh and -x, add -es.

Some nouns ending m -0, add -es.

Nouns ending in -y preceded by a vowel, add -s.

Nouns ending in -y preceded by a consonant, drop the -y and add -ies.


There is / There are (affirmative and negative)

3  Use these words to make sentences. Add capital letters and full stops. Then, write sentences in the correct column.

  1. jara / hospitaI / there / near / a / souk / is

There is a hospital near Souk Jara.

  1. in / handicrafts / are / and / antiques / souk / there / some / jara

There are some handicrafts and antiques in Souk Jara.

  1. police / isn't / there / station / souk / a / jara / in

There isn't a police station in Souk Jara.

  1. in / is / some / very / fruit / souk / cheap / jara / there

There is some very cheap fruit in Souk Jara.

  1. in / there / policemen / the / aren't I market / any

There aren't any policemen in the market.

There is isn't: a, c, d .

There are aren’t: b, e.


There is / There are (interrogative) + short answers 

4 Use these words to write questions. Then answer them. 

  1. expensive food / in Souk Jara?

Is there any expensive food in Souk Jara?

No, there isn't.

  1. vegetables / in the market?

Are there any vegetables in the market?

Yes, there are.

  1. police station / in Souk Jara?

Is there a police station in Souk Jara?

No, there isn't.

  1. shops and restaurants / in Souk Jara?

Are there any shops and restaurants in Souk Jara?

Yes, there are.

  1. bus station / in Souk Jara?

Is there a bus station in Souk Jara?

No, there isn't.

  1. honey / in Souk Jara café?

Is there any honey in Souk Jara café?

Yes, there is.


Some / any (affirmative, negative and interrogative) 

5 Complete the text with some or any.

Children’s Museum Jordan is a very exciting place where you can learn, explore, discover and have fun. Don't miss (1) some of activities! Read books and do (2) any research in the Library. Visit the art studio, enjoy the art activities and be creative! Meet Mr Bulb, the scientist and join in (3) some exciting games. Mr Inspector Eye needs (4) some help with his investigation. Do you like to find (5) some clues for him?

Don’t forget to get (6) some special gifts for your friends from the museum shop!


6 Write questions and answer them using there is / there are and some, any, a lot of.

  1. British Museum / live animals?

Are there any live animals in the British Museum?

  1. animals famous objects

There aren’t an animals in the British Museum. There are a lot of famous objects.

  1. policemen / in Souk Jara?

Are there any policemen in Souk Jara?'

  1. policemen restaurants

There aren’t any policemen in Souk Jara. There are a lot of restaurants.

  1. old statues / Children's Museum Jordan?

Are there any old statues in Children's Museum Jordan?

  1. old statues exciting games

There aren't any old statues. There are some exciting games.

  1. clothes shop / Children's Museum Jordan?

Is there any clothes shop in Children's Museum Jordan?

  1. special gifts clothes shop

There are some special gifts. There isn't any clothes shop.


7 Complete the text with the correct form of the verb to be.

There (1) is an extraordinary museum in Paris: the Louvre. In the heart of the Louvre, there (2) isn’t a glass dome, as In the British Museum. There (3) is a glass pyramid: the Louvre Pyramid.

There (4) are also nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 19th century. There (5) are eight departments: Egyptian Antiquities; Near Eastern Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; Sculpture; Decorative Arts; Paintings; Prints and Drawings.

In the Near Eastern department, there (6) are works from before the arrival of Islam. In the Islamic Art collection, there (7) are more than 5,000 works.


Vocabulary Corner 

8 Read the clues 1-6 and write the words horizontally in the puzzle. You are given the first letter.

  1. A road in a city or town that has houses and other buildings STREET
  2. A place where you can buy things and food MARKET
  3. Things you eat, like vegetables and meat FOOD
  4. You pay a lot of money for this object because it is old. ANTIQUE
  5. it comes from bees. HONEY
  6. You mix flour and water to make it. BREAD


9 Read vertically the word for number 7. Write its clue.


Example answer: being a part of tradition.

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