Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Read, circle and match

  1. What can we do to protect the nature reserve?

(d) We shouldn’t build big hotels.

  1. Will sand cats become extinct?

(c) No, they won’t. We protect endangered animals here.

  1. Have you ever seen a sand cat before?

(a) No, I haven’t.

  1. Do a lot of visitors come here?

(e) Yes, they do.

  1. What can we do to protect the plants?

(b) We shouldn’t pick the flowers.


2  Read and complete

Recycle   protect   use   pick   drop

  1. We don’t drop rubbish in the nature reserve.
  2. We will protect the endangered animals
  3. We will use water carefully.
  4. We won’t pick the flowers and the plants.
  5. We will recycle our rubbish at home.


3  Read and write

A. Do a lot of people visit the reserve? B. Yes, they will.

C. Will the endangered animals become extinct? D No they won’t.

E. They’ll use water carefully and this will help the plants.

F. Lots of wild animals live there

Salma: What do you know about Dhana Nature Reserve, Muna?

Muna: It’s a beautiful place. (I) F some of animals, like the sand cat are endangered.

Salma: (2) C

Muna: No, they won't. They protect the animals in the reserve, and so they’re safe.

Salma: (3) A

Muna: Yes, they do. And I think more people will visit the reserve in the future.

Salma: Will they build big hotels in the reserve for the visitors?

Muna: (4) D They’ll build small hotels. They won’t build big hotels.

Salma: Will they protect all the plants and trees?

Muna: (5) B The plants and trees are important. (6) E

Salma: Thanks Muna.


4  Write

  1. more / visit / nature / the / will / people / reserve ()

Will more people visit the nature reserve? Yes they will.

  1. big / they / build / will / hotels ()

Will they build big hotels? No, they won’t.

  1. endangered / extinct / will / animals / because / the ()

Will the endangered animals become extinct? No, they won’t.

  1. will / live / sand / here / cats / more ()

Will more sand cats live here? Yes, they will.

  1. plants / water / have / enough / will ()

Will plants have enough water? Yes. They will.


5  Read and label A, B, C

A. Introductory sentences.

B. Development sentences.

C. Concluding sentences.

Ajloun Nature Reserve

Ajloun Nature Reserve is a beautiful and interesting place. It is in the Ajloun mountains north of Amman. B There are hills and valleys, and wonderful old forests. Lots of wild flowers grow in the forests, including the block iris, Jordan's national flower. Ajloun’s trees are important because birds live in them, and animals eat the leaves. C The reserve is a beautiful place because people protect the forests and the trees.

Many different birds and animals live in the Ajloun forests. B Roe deer were endangered but now they live in the Ajloun forests because they are safe here. People can't hunt them here. Visitors can see squirrels, foxes and hyenas, too. Today, many animals live safely in the forest.

A Visitors come to Ajloun to see the animals and the beautiful countryside. They can go hiking. There aren’t any big hotels in Ajloun and they won't build big hotels in the future. Visitors stay in small houses. The houses are made of wood. B People are careful when they come to Ajloun. They don't drop rubbish or pick flowers, so Ajloun will always be a beautiful place. Ajloun Nature Reserve is a very important place because it protects endangered animals, important trees and wild flowers. People will always want to visit Ajloun!


6  Read and circle Yes or No

  1. Wild flowers and trees grow in the Ajloun forest.


  1. People cut down the trees in the forest.

No. People protect the forests and the trees.

  1. Roe deer live in the forest because there is food for them.

No. They are safe in the forest.

  1. Visitors can go hiking in the reserve.


  1. They have built some big hotels there.

No. They have small houses.

  1. Visitors care for the flowers.


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