Exercises of Pupil’s Book

Exercises of Pupil’s Book

2   Listen and choose



Boy 1: How tall is Raghadan Flagpole?

Boy 2: It’s 127 metres tall.


Girl 1: How old is Umayyad Palace?

Girl 2: lt’s about 1,300 years old.


Boy 1: How long is The River Jordan?

Boy 2: It’s 251 kilemetres long.


Girl 1: How deep is Al-rakim cave?

Girl 2: lt’s about 9 metres deep.


These items should be ticked: a flagpole, a palace, a river, a cave.


3   Listen again and choose

  1. Raghadan flagpole is

127 metres tall.

  1. Umayyad Palace is

about 1,300 years old.

  1. The River Jordan is

251 kilometres long.

  1. Al-rakim Cave is

about 9 metres deep.


6   Read again and answer

  1. Where is Karak Castle?

It’s in the city of Karak.

  1. How far is Karak Castle from Amman?

It’s 140 kilometres from Amman.

  1. How old is Karak Castle?

It’s more than 800 years old.

  1. How high is the castle?

The hill is 900 metres high.

  1. How wide is the castle?

The castle is 220 metres wide.

  1. Why do you think that the tunnels are very dark?

Because they are under the ground.

  1. What can you find in the museum?

You can find interesting information about the castle’s history.

  1. Do you like Karak Castle? Why? Why not?

Pupils’ own answers.

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