Exercises of Student’s Book


1   Listen to the sound of rainforest. What can you hear? Where in the world can you find rainforest?

Sound of rainforest: rain, animal and bird noise.

Rainforest grow near the equator.


2   Which words refer to creatures that can be found in rainforests? Which words are connected to rainforests? Check the meaning of any words you don’t know in the Activity Book Glossary or in a dictionary.

tropical   habitat   hidden   volcano   bat   spider   kangaroo   rat   logging




Meaning in arabic


(adjective) related to climate and places that are hot and wet.



(noun) the environment where animals or plants live.






A mountain with an opening at its top from where lava is erupted.



A flying mammal that usually flies at night.



A small insect that has eight legs.



(noun) a big animal with a long strong tail that it uses for jumping.






The act of cutting down trees in order to sell wood and make money.




Creature: bat, spider, kangaroo, rat.

Rainforests: tropical, habitat, hidden, volcano, logging.


3   What is the hidden world that the scientist have discovered? Read and listen to the article to find the answer.


The hidden world is a rainforest newly discovered in the hole of a volcano in Papua New Guinea.



4   Read and listen to the article again. Then, answer the questions.

  1. Choose another suitable title for the text. Justify your choice.

Students’ own answer

  1. What do the pronouns in bold refer to?

It (line 9): the new rainforest

They (line 16): an International team of scientists

they (line 26): loggers

  1. What makes a rainforest special and different from other forests? Explain.

A rainforest grows near the Equator, which makes it the perfect habitat for the different and rare species of plants and animals.

  1. How will the discoveries that the scientists made help protect the rainforest?

The scientists discovered the rainforest first, which will make it easier for them to protect it from loggers.

  1. Do you think rainforests are important and should be preserved? Why/Why not?

Suggested answer:

Rainforests are important and should be preserved because they provide a home to many plants and animals, and the trees in them provide a clean environment.

  1.  In your opinion, how can we contribute to the protection of rainforests?

Suggested answer:

We can protect rainforests by encouraging our classmates not to damage the environment and by raising money for organisations that work for the protection of the environment.


GRAMMAR: The Present Perfect with yet and already

5   Answer these questions using yet or already to form complete answers.

  1. Have you been to the art gallery?

No, I haven't been there yet.

  1. Have you read the book about the history of Jordan?

Yes, I have already read it.

  1. Have you called your friend to check if he's well?

No, I haven’t called him yet.

  1. Have you found your keys?

No, I haven’t found them yet.

  1. Have you booked your ticket to Dubai?

Yes, I have already booked it.


6   Use the Present Perfect and the words in brackets to write complete statements or questions.

  1. I / visit / the Children’s Museum. (already)

I’ve already visited the Children Museum

  1. We / not finish working on the science project. (yet)

We haven’t finished working on the science project yet.

  1. Nader/ travel / to England. (already)

Nader has already travelled to England.

  1. I/ call / my mother. (already)

I have/’ve already called my mother.

  1. They / not save / the rainforests. (yet)

They haven’t saved the rainforests yet.

  1. / you / see / their photographs? (yet)

Have you seen their photographs yet?



7   Read the list of tasks that Sarah and Ali’s parents have left for them. What have they already done? What haven‘t they done yet? Use the Present Perfect and already / yet.

Work in groups.


Sarah: Sarah hasn’t bought the bread yet. Sarah has already tidied her bedroom. Sarah hasn’t put away the plates and cups yet. Sarah has already done her homework.

Ali: Ali has already done his homework. Ali hasn’t set the table for lunch yet. Ali has already returned the library books. Ali hasn’t tidied his bedroom yet.


8   Work in pairs. What have you already done today? What haven't you done yet? Use the Present Perfect and already / yet.

A: I've already packed my schoolbag for tomorrow.

B: I haven't found a topic for my project yet.

Students’ own answer

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