Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1   Complete the following text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Some verb forms might stay the same.  

Omar is a teenager living in Qatar. Every morning he (1) goes to school and he listens to his teachers. After school he (2) does his homework or sees his friends. They often (3) do voluntary work together. For example, last weekend they took some of their toys and (4) gave them to poor children. Last year, Omar's favourite lesson (5) was mathematics, but this year it is English.


2   Underline the correct word to complete the sentences.

  1. Stories and poets were told all over the world for entertainment.
  2. Ancient poets were so skilled that some of their poems travelled around the world.
  3. Ethiopian tribes use medical herbs as treatment when they are Sick.  
  4. An explorer’s life is very interesting because he travels to discover new places.
  5. He was well known for his patriotism and strong feelings for his country.


3   Use these words to write questions. Then, answer them.

  1. When did Mustafa Salameh reach the top of Mount Everest?

Mustafa Salameh reached the top of Mount Everest on Jordan's Independence Day in 2008.

  1. How did Rufaida help people change their lives?

She helped them make their lives healthier and more comfortable.

  1. Where was the grandmother going when Jack saw her?

She was going to buy a gift for Bill.

  1. What did Baibars do after he became king?

After he became a king, he built bridges, canals and mosques.

  1. How did Charles Robbins save his family?

He saved his family from the attackers by phoning the police.


4   Look at the picture of children in a park. What was everyone doing? Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

fly   ride   paint   play   chase   walk


  1. A girl was chasing butterflies.
  2. A boy was riding a bike.
  3. A man was walking.
  4. A girl was painting a picture.
  5. A boy was flying a kite.
  6. A boy was playing with his toys.


5   Read these sentences carefully. Then complete them with the correct words from a, b or c.

  1. I …….. collecting traditional objects 45 years ago.

a) begun

b) began

c) begin

  1. …….. you better at talking than writing?

a) Does

b) Do

c) Are

  1. …….. you …….. for JHCO at this moment?

a) Do/work

b) Are/working

c) ls/working

  1. When the robber was …….. away, the police caught him.

a) running

b) ran

c) run

  1. …….. the robbers …….. his parents when the boy saw them?

a) Were/threatening

b) Was/threatening

c) Is/threatening

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