Exercises of Activity Book

Exercises of Activity Book

1  Match, listen and check


1 Woman: Is this your school bag? Boy: No, it isn’t. It’s Fatima’s.

2 Woman: Where’s your pencil case? Boy: It’s in my bag.

3 Woman: Whose book is this? Girl: It’s Rakan’s.

4 Woman: Whose photos are these? Boy: They’re Fatima’s.

5 Woman: Where are your photos? Boy: They’re in my bag.

6 Woman: Are you ready for school tomorrow? Girl: Yes I am, Mum. Good night!

  1. Is this your school bag?    c. No, it isn’t. It’s Fatima’s
  2. Where’s your pencil case?    a. It’s in my bag.
  3. Whose book is this?    b. It’s Rakan’s.
  4. Whose photos are these?    e. They’re Fatima’s
  5. Where are your photos?    f. They’re in my bag.
  6. Are you ready for school tomorrow?    d. Yes I am, Mum. Good night


2  Read, point and complete

bed       chair       pen       photos

  1. It’s behind my chair.
  2. It’s Fatima’s pen.
  3. They’re photos of our holiday.      
  4. It’s time for bed now.


3  Look, listen and number


1 Whose school bag is it?

2 Whose book are they?

3 Whose cap is it?

4 Whose photos are they?

  1. They’re Alia’s  (2).
  2. It’s Samia’s  (1).
  3. It’s Ahmad’s  (3).
  4. They’re Khalid’s  (4).


4  Look and complete

  1. It’s Samia’s bag.
  2. They’re Khalid’s photos.
  3. They’re Alia’s books.
  4. It’s Ahmad’s cap.


5  Look and circle Yes or No

  1. The bananas are on the table. Yes / No
  2. The clock is behind the fridge. Yes / No
  3. The fridge is next to the cooker. Yes / No
  4. The bags are under the table. Yes / No
  5. The milk is in the fridge. Yes / No
  6. The photo is on the wall. Yes / No


6  Complete, listen and say

A: Is the bear on the chair?

B: No, the bear is under the chair.


7  Look and circle

  1. There is a football (in / on / under) the wardrobe.
  2. There is a pencil case (under / behind / in) the laptop.
  3. The bed is (behind / next to / on) the wall.
  4. The bin is (under / in / behind) the desk.
  5. There is a book (in / under / on) the bag.


8  Look and match

  1. There is a pen on the desk.
  2. There is a shirt in the wardrobe.
  3. There is a football behind the door.
  4. The wardrobe is next to the bed.

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