Exercises of Pupil’s Book

Exercises of Pupil’s Book

1 Listen and read


Mazen: Are you ready for school tomorrow?

Asma : Yes, I am.

Asma: Are you happy?

Mazen: Yes, I am.


Asma: Is this your photo album?

Mazen: No, it isn’t.

Asma: Whose is this?

Mazen: It is Dad’s.


Mum: It is time for bed now. Where is your school bag?

Mazen: It is behind my chair.


Mum: Is your pencil case in your bag?

Asma: Yes, Mum.

Mum: Good night, Asma.

Asma: Good night, Mum!


2 Look, ask the answer

Whose book is this?

It is Khalid’s.

Whose pencil case is this?

It is Samia’s.

Whose pens are these?

They are Ahmad’s.

Whose cap is this?

It is Alia’s.

Whose balloons are these?

They are Khalid’s.

Whose books are these?

They are Alia’s.

Whose football is this?

It is Ahmad’s.


3 Listen and say Yes or No


1 The cooker is next to the fridge. Yes

2 The books are on the table. No

3 The milk is in the fridge. Yes

4 The bin is behind the door. Yes

5 The shelf is next to the fridge. No

6 The clock is on the wall. Yes


5 Read and point

1 The book is on the chair. a

2 The present is on the table. a

3 The desk is next to the wardrobe. d

4 The shirt is in the wardrobe. c

5 The tennis racquet is under the desk. b

6 The football is under the chair. c

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