Exercises of Pupil’s Book

Exercises of Pupil’s Book

2 Listen and point



Boy 1: Is the cat jumping?

Boy 2: Yes it is.


Girl 1: Is the goat looking at us?

Girl 2: Yes, it is.


Boy 3: What's the leopard doing? Is it sleeping?

Boy 4: Yes, it is. It's sleeping in a tree.


Girl 3: What's the owl doing? Is it playing?

Girl 4: No, it isn't. It's hungry. It's looking for food.


Boy 5: What's the wolf doing? Is it eating?

Boy 6: No, it isn't. It's looking at its babies!


Girl 5: Is the eagle looking at the trees?

Girl 6: No, it isn't. It's looking at the frog.


1- d  

2- f  

3- a  

4- b  

5- e  

6- c


4 Read, ask and answer

The children are having their lunch in the mountains. Samira is drawing the animals in Wadi Mujib. A leopard is running. A wolf is sleeping. The goats are walking. Frogs and fish are swimming in the river.

I) Are the children having Lunch?

Yes, they are.

2) Is Samira writing?

No, she isn't.

3) Is the leopard running?

Yes, it is.

4) Is the wolf sleeping?

Yes, it is.

5) Are the goats drinking?

No, they aren't.

6) Are the frogs and fish swimming?

Yes, they are.


5 Ask and answer


Is the leopard running? No, it isn't. The leopard is climbing a tree.

Is the eagle sitting in a tree? No, it isn't. The eagle is flying.

Is the wolf playing? No, it isn't. The wolf is sleeping.

Is the goat jumping? No, it isn't. The goat is walking.

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