Exercises of Pupil’s Book

Exercises of Pupil’s Book

2 Look and say


You mustn't run.

You must drink water.

You must take your hat.

You must put your rubbish in the bin.

You mustn't shout.


3 Say. Listen and tick or cross


1 You must tidy your bedroom.

2 You must help your mother.

3 You must go to bed at eight o'clock.

4 You mustn't shout.


4 Read and tick or cross

Good morning, children! I'm your new teacher. In your English lessons, you must speak English. You must listen. You must have your books. You must do your homework.

I. You must speak English.

2. You mustn't listen.

3. You mustn't do your homework.

4. You mustn't have your books.  


5 Listen and point



Boy: I'm reading my book.

Mum: You must go to sleep now. It's eight o'clock.


Dentist: You mustn't eat a lot of sweets.


Girl: It's cold today.

Mum: Yes, you must take your jacket to school.


Miss: Now, you mustn't forget your homework, children!

Children: Ok. Miss.


1. b

2. d

3. c

4. a

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