Unit-3 The Nobel Prize

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Unit-3 The Nobel Prize


1  Complete the sentences about the Nobel Prize with the words from the box.

Chemistry   Nobel Prizes   Literature   Medicine   Physics   Peace


  1. in 1921 CE, Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his research into light and how it travels.
  2. The Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel founded the Nobel Prizes in 1901 CE.
  3. In 1999 CE, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Ahmad Zewail, an Egyptian scientist, for his work on chemical reactions.
  4. The Nobel Prize in Medicine for the year 1945 CE was awarded to Sir Alexander Fleming for his discovery of penicillin.
  5. Since 1901 CE, there have been six Nobel Prizes every year for Sciences, Literature, Medicine. Physics, Chemistry. Economic Sciences and Peace.



2  Complete the sentences with the Present Continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. We are learning (learn) about Alfred Nobel at the moment.
  2. l am not thinking (not think) about anything else right now. I am concentrating (concentrate) on my work.
  3. A: What are you doing (do)? Are you looking up (look up) information for your project? B: No, I am sending (send) an email to someone.
  4. What book are you reading (read) at the moment?
  5. My dad is repairing (repair) my bike, but it is taking (take) so long! He's been working on it for days already.


3  What annoying things are these people always doing? Write sentences.

  1. She / make noise when l'm asleep.

She's always making noise When I'm asleep.

  1. He / forget where he has put things.

He's always forgetting where he has put things.

  1. Salwa / eat sweets.

Salwa is always eating sweets.

  1. The children / tell jokes.

The children are always telling jokes.

  1. The dog / bark.

The dog is always barking.

  1. You / talk on the phone!

You're always talking on the phone!

  1. Zaid / complain about his job.

Zaid is always complaining about his job.



4  Look at the photo. What do you think you are going to read about?

Students’ own answer.


5  Read the text and check your answers.

Since 2005 CE, different Nobel winners from all over the world have attended The Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates. Every year, His Majesty King Abdullah II lbn Al Hussein hosts this important event in Petra - a city that is considered as one of the world's wonders and which has become a symbol of ancient civilisations.

During Jordan's Third Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates in 2007 CE, scientists and participants who have won Nobel Prizes discussed and developed a very interesting idea to support new scientific projects in the Middle East. The goal behind this idea is to encourage cooperation in the region, mainly amongst the young generations. All the participants agreed g, to start this project with an amount of ten million dollars donated by some generous people.

Answer: The text is about the Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates.


6  Answer the following questions.

  1. Suggest a good title for the text.

The Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates

  1. How many years ago did The Petra Conference of Noble Laureates strat?

The Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates started …. years ago. (Students count the years from 2005 until the current year.)

  1. What major decision was taken during the third conference in 2007 CE? Do you think it was a good idea?

During the third conference in 2007 CE, scientists and participants decided to support new scientific projects in the Middle East.


  1. Find an appropriate place in the text to insert the following sentences:

The sentence can be inserted in the first paragraph, after the first sentence.


7  Match the words from the text with the words that have the opposite meaning.

  1. Winner    (b) loser.
  2. Attend   (d) miss.
  3. Interesting   (e) boring.
  4. Encourage   (a) discourage.
  5. Young   (c) old.



1  Complete the text with the words related to healthcare from the box.

equipment   progress   finding   laboratory   microscope   report   research   hypotheses

I chose to become a Medical Technologist because I always knew I wanted a career in healthcare. After completing my Science degree. I got my first job in a (1) laboratory. I'll never forget the first time I put on my white coat. It was really exciting!

   A typical work day for me starts at 7:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. I am responsible for performing tests on blood samples from hospital patients. Scientists are always coming up with new (2) hypotheses about how diseases are caused, and they then carry out (3) research to test whether these ideas should be explored further.

   Our laboratory has a lot of the most up-to-date technological (4) equipment to help us do this, for example, this very expensive scientific (5) microscope that I am using to analyse the blood sample. I am still working on something now but when I finish it, I'll write up my (6) finding in a (7) report, and the doctors will study it.


9  Match the verbs and the nouns to make phrases.

  1. choose    (e) a subject to investigate.
  2. report   (f) the results.
  3. Carry out   (b) an experiment.
  4. Look down   (c) a microscope.
  5. investigate   (d) a hypothesis.
  6. Write    (a) a report.

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